The Parcel Program for Home Ownership

As market forces have pushed the cost of homeownership in Kent

beyond the reach of many Kent residents and workers,

Kent Affordable Housing is striving to offer options for those

who would otherwise not be able to become homeowners.

Parcel Program house

Expanding affordable home ownership in Kent is part of KAH’s core mission. We actively seek donations, bargain sales or bequests of small lots. Under the Parcel Program, the homeowner owns the house and improvements and KAH owns the land. The homeowner leases rather than owns the land, removing a substantial cost. 


Candidates for the Parcel Program would earn less than the area median income, which is $71,500 for a household of two persons up to $96,500 for a family of five.  The family will need to qualify for bank financing and have the energy and resources to plan for, build and maintain the home.  References, a credit check and other documentation are part of the approval process.  A nominal fee for the leased land would be due to KAH and resale restrictions are designed to keep the home affordable for a future family.


For a full description of the program and an application form use the links below.  If you have any remaining questions, please contact us at or at 860-927-3321.


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To encourage owners of large properties to establish small building lots for affordable housing, the town of Kent has modified several regulations.

Ordinance 11.1-2 exempts the initial division of land from subdivision regulations when not more than three parcels are divided and one lot is designated for affordable housing, providing that lot meets minimum size requirements and zoning for affordable housing (P&Z regs. Sec. 16). 

P&Z Regulations: Definitions under LOT, AFFORDABLE HOUSING specifies the legal conditions that pertain to such parcels.  P&Z Regulations 6.3.6 allow AFFORDABLE HOUSING LOTS to have an area of one acre, regardless of soil type, with approved septic and special permit.  P&Z regulations Sec. 18.3. a-e allow for the construction of a third affordable housing dwelling on a DRIVEWAY.

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