You Can Help Make Kent a Better Place to Live


--Contribute tax deductible funds, either for special items 

or for our general expenses.

Checks may be sent to KAH, POB 265, Kent, CT 06757


--Work with our Board of Directors on activities such as

setting policy, oversight of property management,  

communications, donor relations, etc.

We particularly need expertise in publicity, fundraising

and real estate/legal issues.


--Donate, bequeath or sell property to our Parcel Program.

  • You can donate land to KAH for a tax deduction at

full market value, or you can sell property to KAH

at less than market price, with the difference considered a

charitable, tax-deductible gift.

  • You can make a donation to help KAH buy more land or

assist in making land improvements, such as wells

or septic systems.

  • You can make a modest house available by donating the land

to KAH for a tax deduction and selling the house to a family

on our waiting list.

  • You can remember KAH in your will, leaving money, land

or a modest home for use in the KAH Parcel Program.


To inquire about making a gift to KAH or The Parcel Program, contact or Bill Bachrach at

860-927-3321, or write KAH, P.O. Box 265, Kent, CT 06757