Get involved!

Kent Affordable Housing is a volunteer community effort to expand housing opportunities for families, workers and retirees in Kent. 


People can help in several ways:



--Contribute tax deductible funds, for special needs, improvements, or our

general expenses.



                     To contribute with PayPal click the button below.



Checks may be sent anytime to KAH, PO Box 265, Kent, CT 06757.



--Work with our Board of Directors, on activities such as setting policy,

oversight of property management, communications, donor relations,

occasional landscape improvements and the like.


          We particularly need expertise in publicity, fund raising, accounting,

          real estate and legal issues.



--Donate, bequeath or sell property to our Parcel Program


Kent  regulations have special exceptions for parcels used for

affordable housing  (Town Ordinance 16-1.2 and P&Z regulations 2.2,

6.3.6, and 18.4)  Gifts and bargain sales of land, or houses and land,

and can provide charitable deductions.