The mission of Kent Affordable Housing is to increase diverse housing opportunities in the town of Kent.



Kent Affordable Housing believes that…

  • A mix of people from different economic circumstances has been Kent’s history and should be Kent’s future.
  • Affordable housing provides both economic and social benefits to the town. 
  • Soaring rents and home prices have forced people with modest financial resources to leave the town and the state, especially young families who contribute to essential community services.
  • Local residents and workers and their families will be the primary beneficiaries of new affordable housing in Kent, including housing developed with the help of state or federal money.
  • Participation by all parts of the Kent community is essential to the growth of affordable housing in Kent.


 Board of Directors

President:  Virginia Bush Suttman

Vice President:  Anne Bisenius

Treasurer: Gary Ford

Secretary:  Irene Coe 



Bill Bachrach  Sharon Cipolla  Irene Coe  Pete Diaz  Teri Freeman 

Lianna Gantt  Hal Kamm  Miri Knight  Betty Krasne  Gregg Sheridan  Justin Potter   






PO Box 265, Kent, CT 06757