The mission of Kent Affordable Housing is to increase diverse housing opportunities in the town of Kent



Kent Affordable Housing believes that…

  • a mix of people from different economic circumstances has been Kent’s history and should be Kent’s future.
  • affordable housing provides both economic and social benefits to the town. 
  • in recent decades the soaring price of housing, both rented and owned, has forced some people with modest financial resources to leave the town and the state, especially young families who contribute to essential community services.
  • local residents and workers and their families will be the primary beneficiaries of new housing in Kent, including housing developed with the help of state or federal money.
  • participation by all parts of the Kent community is essential to the growth of affordable housing in Kent.



 Board of Directors

President:  Virginia Bush Suttman; Vice President:  Anne Bisenius;

Treasurer: Jean Marie Horovitz; Secretary:  Bill Bachrach


Directors: Sharon Cipolla; Irene Coe; Teri Freeman; Gary Ford; Hal Kamm; 

 Betty Krasne; Gregg Sheridan; Donna Sommers


Contact:  PO Box 265, Kent, CT 06757

Virginia Bush Suttman, President, 860-927-3684,


Bill Bachrach, Secretary, 860-927-3321, wbachrach@snet.net