The Accessory Apartments Initiative


KAH has recently become involved

in a program with the Northwest CT

Regional Planning Collaborative,

the Tri-Corner Alliance and the

Berkshire Taconic Community

Foundation to promote the creation

of accessory apartments in Kent.


An accessory apartment can be a self-contained housing unit within a main

residence or a separate building on a property.  Both the landlord and the

renter benefit from such arrangements: 


--Extra income or bartered help can be advantageous for landlords, who may live alone, and thus gain increased security and safety.  Weekend homeowners have the added peace of mind that comes with having someone in residence full-time.

--For the young workers it attracts, the accessory apartment is another option to traditional housing in Kent. Many of these renters in Kent hold jobs that are essential to the social and economic health of the town.


Any homeowner living outside the Town Center zone can work with the Planning and Zoning Commission and the Building Department to create an accessory apartment.  A brochure with step-by-step guidance, from design to tenant selection, is available from Jocelyn Ayer of the Regional Planning Collaborative at





More about the program can be found at 

Berkshire Taconic's website

--In Kent you can call

Bill Bachrach at 860-927-3321.




Useful contacts: 

Kent Building Inspector and Fire Marshall:

William Jenks and Stan MacMillan, 860-927-4556

Kent Zoning Enforcement Officer, 860-927-4625,

Kent Zoning Regulations can be found under Boards and Commissions, Planning and Zoning Commission.